Unibet Poker

unibet pokerIn 2014, Unibet Poker left the MPN poker network and revamped themselves as an independent poker room for low- and midstakes hobby players. This focus on recreational players, including beginners, is visible in every aspect of the “new” Unibet Poker. The loyalty program is for instance designed to appeal to players that doesn’t necessarily pay vast amounts of rake and tournament buy-ins every month. Also, the software is designed to prevent the practice of “hunting for fish”, where experienced players deliberately search out and stalk weak players to win their money, often actively pursuing them from one table to the other.

Even though new Unibet Poker was launched as recently as 2014, the gambling site Unibet has been around since 1997 and is thus one of the veterans in the business. Back then, Unibet was a sports betting site – the addition of other types of online gambling came later on.

Unibet Poker is owned by y a Maltese subsidiary to Unibet Group PLC.

What can I play?

Unibet Poker only offers Texas Hold’em and Omaha.

Is there fast poker?

Yes, Unibet Poker offers fast poker. Unibet Poker’s variant of fast poker is called Fast Hold’em.

As with other types of fast poker, you are moved to another table and given a new hand as soon as you discard your cards. You never have to sit and wait for other players to finish a round in which you are no longer an active participant.


Unibet Poker has both scheduled poker tournaments and Sit & Go’s. Since Unibet Poker has pretty low traffic, the tournaments tend to be small. The assortment of tournament is also small compared to what you can find at PokerStars, 888 Poker, and other big poker rooms with substantially more traffic. This doesn’t mean that Unibet Poker has poor tournament variation – you can find quite an assortment of tournament types here, including bounty, double start stack, triple start stack and quadruple start stack. All tournaments are however Texas Hold’em or Omaha.

Unibet Poker generous with their free rolls and free rolls are available around the clock.

Since Unibet Poker focuses on low- and midstakes players, pretty much any Unibet Poker tournament with a big buy in will have a nice satellite structure attached to it.

Unibet Open

Unibet Open is a live poker tournament tour with a European focus. You can buy-in directly to any of the live tournaments, or win your way to a buy-in by winning any of the qualifiers online. Some of the qualifiers have travel packages in the prize pot; packages including airfare, hotel accommodation, buy-in, pocket money, and more.

Unibet Open will usually take place in a big European cities, but there are exceptions and a popular seaside resort town can for instance be included in the tournament circuit even if it isn’t a big metropolis.


At Unibet Poker, you only play against other Unibet Poker members. Unibet Poker is not a part of any poker network. At the time of writing, Unibet Poker is #16 on PokerScout’s lists of poker rooms and poker networks with the most traffic to their cash game tables. If it’s heavy traffic you’re looking for there are many poker rooms that are better than Unibet Poker, such as PokerStars and 888 Poker, or any of the rooms within the iPoker Network.

Since Unibet Poker only offers Texas Hold’em and Omaha, all the traffic is directed to these two games instead of being spread out over a multitude of games.

Poker software

At Unibet Poker you can:

  • Play directly in your browser.
  • Download a poker client for Windows.
  • Download a poke client for (Mac) OS X.
  • Play in the mobile app for Android tablets.
  • Play in the mobile app for iOS tablets.

Since Unibet Poker is an independent poker room and not included in any poker network, they can use their own proprietary poker software. The bespoke poker room software developed for Unibet Poker by Relax Gaming is, just like most other aspects of Unibet Poker, tailor-made to make the poker experience better for hobby players rather than cater to the needs of highly skilled and experienced professional and semi-professional players. The software is for instance deliberately designed to make it difficult to “stalk” inexperienced or otherwise weak players (in order to win their money). Some other poker rooms have tried to limit the “poker stalking” by allowing players to change their alias every day, but Unibet Poker has gone all-in and decided that no one is allowed to pick a specific table. At Unibet Poker, you will tell the software about your requirements; poker variant, bet level, etc. The poker software will then find a suitable table for you and place you there. If no suitable table is available, a suitable table will be automatically created by the software as soon as three players enter the requirements for such as table.

You can change your alias and avatar up to three times a day at Unibet Poker. Frequently changing your alias and avatar is recommended, since it makes it difficult for other players to use poker analyzing software to collect information about your playing habits and use this information to analyze your playing style.

Unibet poker bonuses and other perks

  • Sing-up with Unibet Poker and get a €15 no deposit bonus. Your bonus money is eligible for play at cash tables NL4 €0.02/€0.04.
  • Unibet Poker has a welcome bonus scheme tailor-made to fit recreational players. You don’t need to turn over large amounts of money each week to benefit from this bonus system, which sets Unibet Poker apart from most other poker rooms online.

    At Unibet Poker, you gradually earn bonus money by playing poker after making your first deposit. There is no wager requirement imposed to “unlock” any big first deposit bonus within a certain amount of days. This is very good news for recreational small-stakes players.

    How welcome bonus money comes into your Unibet Poker account:

Required rake per level Level Cash reward
€2 1 €1
€13 2 €4
€85 3 €15
€500 4 €80
€1,400 5 €400
  • Instead of a traditional loyalty program (which tends to promote high turn-overs and big deposits only), Unibet Poker has a loyalty program designed chiefly for low- and midstakes players. Instead of simply wagering money, paying rake and collecting points as you would at a traditional poker site, the Unibet Poker loyalty program will give you various challenges and if you fulfill a challenge you get rewarded. A challenge can for instance be to see at least one flop at a cash game table three days in a row.

    The prize awarded for completing a challenge is usually tournament tickets or other small gifts. It is rarely cash.

Customer support

English language support is available 24h a day, 7 days a week, year round.

Phone support: Free phone is available from many European countries. Visit Unibet Poker to find out which number to call from your country.

Email support: The address for email support is info@unibet.com.

Live chat: Click on the live chat icon to open a window for live chat support at Unibet Poker.


Unibet Poker accepts a wide range of transaction options, including bank transfers, VISA, MasterCard, PaySafeCard, Ukash, Skrill (formerly known as Moneybookers), and Click2Pay.