Online casino bonus

Most casino sites will give you an online casino bonus when you make your first deposit, and it is also common for online casinos to have bonus offers for their existing members.

online bonus

No deposit online casino bonus

During recent years, increased competition between various casinos online has given rise to the no deposit online casino bonus. This is a bonus that you get without having to make a deposit. It allows you to play online for free. The most commonly seen no deposit bonus is the no deposit welcome bonus. Complete the sign-up process at an online casino and receive a small no deposit bonus without having to make any deposit first. With your no deposit bonus (also known as a “free bonus”) you can explore the site and see if you like it before you decide to make a first deposit. A no deposit welcome bonus is usually quite small, typically €10 or so, but if you make small wagers this is still enough to try out quite a lot of games at the site. It is not uncommon to find games in online casinos where one can wager €0.01 per round, so €10 goes a long way.

Deposit bonus

A deposit bonus is tied to a deposit. It is very common to be offered a percentage of your deposit, e.g. “make a deposit and get a 150% bonus”. In other cases, the bonus amount is fixed, e.g. “deposit a minimum of €20 and get a €30 bonus”.

Bonus offers were you are promised a percentage-based bonus will normally have a ceiling, e.g. “make a deposit and get a 150% bonus up to €500”.

Wager requirement

The online casino doesn’t want to your accept a bonus and then immediately withdraw it. Because of this, most bonus offers come with a wager requirement. Until this wager requirement has been fulfilled, you will not be able to withdraw your bonus. In some cases, your entire casino account will be locked so you won’t be able to withdraw deposited money or wins either. Because of this, it is very important to read the fine print before you accept any bonus. Another thing that is important to find out is how the wager requirement is calculated.

Example: You make a €200 deposit and get a 50% casino bonus (€100). The wager requirement is 35. But is it 35 times the bonus amount or 35 times the bonus amount + the deposited amount? This varies from one offer to another, so always check beforehand to avoid surprises, because this can make a huge difference.

In the example above, a wager requirement where only the bonus amount must be wagered 35 times means that the wager requirement is 35 x €100 = €3,500. If on the other hand, the wager requirement is for both the bonus and for the deposited amount, the wager requirement is 35 x (€200 + €100) = €10,500. So, as you can see, this means an extra €7,000 to wager before the wager requirement is fulfilled for your online casino bonus.

In most casinos, you can withdraw deposited money from your account even without fulfilling the wager requirement, but you will forfeit your bonus and possibly also any wins generated since you accepted the bonus. It is always best to contact the support in advance to find out what will happen if you apply for a withdraw without fulfilling the wager requirement first. In some casinos, the customer support must manually remove your bonus and your winnings from your account before a withdrawal request can be processed.