Howard Lederer

Howard Lederer

Howard Lederer is a professional poker player from the United States. His nickname is “The Professor”, a nickname given to him by poker commentator Jesse May.

Howard Lederer has two WSOP bracelets, and has finished in the money in 44 WSOP tournaments. His highest finish in a WSOP Main Event is the fifth place he attained at the 1987 WSOP Main Event.

These are Lederer’s two WSOP bracelet wins:




2000 $5,000 Limit Omaha Hi-Lo $198,000
2001 $5,000 Deuce to Seven Draw $165,870

Howard has two World Poker Tour (WPT) titles. He has finished in the money in seven WPT tournaments.

At the time of writing, Lederer has won over $6.5 million from live poker tournaments. Roughly $1.5 million of that comes from WSOP.

Personal life

  • Howard Lederer was born in Concord, New Hampshire, USA on October 30, 1963.
  • Howard Lederer started playing poker as a child together with his family. His father also though the young Lederer how to play chess.
  • Howard Lederer is the brother of professional poker player Annie Duke and of the author Katy Lederer. One of Katy Lederer’s books is called “Poker Face: A Girlhood Among Gamblers.”
  • Since 1993, Howard Lederer resides in Las Vegas, USA.
  • Howard Lederer’s family consists of his wife Suzie and their son.
  • Howard Lederer is a vegetarian.

The young Howard Lederer

Initially, Howard Lederer was more interested in chess than poker, and he played a lot of chess in New York City after graduating from high school. Eventually, he developed a taste for live poker as well and joined the famous New York City cardroom The Mayfair Club.

After a short stint at Columbia University, Lederer became a full-time professional poker player. He played his first World Series of Poker (WSOP) in 1987, where he finished fifth in the $10,000 Texas Hold’em event.

Howard Lederer moves to Las Vegas

In 1993, Howard Lederer moved to Las Vegas to further his poker career. He won his first WSOP bracelet in a $5,000 Limit Omaha HiLo event during the 2000 WSOP. Prior to this, he had reached eight WSOP final tables in the years 1993 – 1999 without getting the coveted bracelet.

One year after capturing his first WSOP bracelet, Lederer won the 2001 WSOP $5,000 Deuce to Seven Draw.

Both his WPT victories are from the early 2000’s. He won his first WPT in 2002 and followed up with another victory in 2003. In 2004, he finished second in two WPT events.

One of Lederer’s more notable achievements during the late 2000’s is his victory in the Aussie Millions High-Roller 2008, a victory which earned him over $1 million AUD. In 2010, he placed second in WSOP’s Tournament of Champions.

Poker related projects

  • Howard Lederer is one of the founding members of Tiltware LLC, the company that launched Full Tilt Poker in 2004.
  • Howard Lederer has appeared fourteen times on NBC’s “Poker After Dark”.
  • Howard Lederer has provided commentary for several Fox Sports Network programs, including “Learn from the Pros” and “Poker Superstars Invitational Tournament”.
  • Howard Lederer has contributed to several books on poker strategy, and he has also released instructional videos on poker. One his most well-known books is “The Full Tilt Poker Strategy Guide”.
  • During the mid-200’s, Howard Lederer hosted several Poker Fantasy Camps.
  • In the period 2006 – 2011, Howard Lederer was one of the board of directors for Poker Players Alliance.
  • Together with his wife Suzie, Howard Lederer has hosted a lot of charity poker events, including the April Fools Fundraiser for the Las Vegas Springs Preserve. As a part of the couple’s annual World Series of Barbecue in Las Vegas, they organized celebrity charity tournaments in 2009 and 2010 to benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Las Vegas.

Full Tilt Poker & Tiltware LLC

Howard Lederer was one of the founding members of the company Tiltware LLC. In 2004, Tiltware LLC launched the poker site Full Tilt Poker. The poker site became an immense success and was for several years PokerStars’ main contender online. Together with co-founders Ray Bitar, Chris Ferguson and Rafe Furst, Lederer served on the company’s board of directors.

On April 15, 2011, the United States Department of Justice blocked players in the United States from accessing Full Tilt Poker’s site, due to suspicion of money laundering and gambling law violations carried out by Tiltware LLC.

The company’s Alderney gambling license was suspended on June 30, 2011. When the license was suspended, the Full Tilt Poker site closed down completely, so player’s outside the United States could no longer access the site either.

In September 2011, Lederer and two other members of the board of directors was named in an amended civil complaint filed by the United States Department of Justice. The owner’s of Full Tilt Poker were ultimately accused of defrauding poker players and in essence running a Ponzi scheme, since funds were paid out to company owners even though the company did not have sufficient funds to cover money owed to players. According to the Department of Justice, Howard Lederer personally received roughly $42 million in payments from Full Tilt Poker in the years 2007 – 2011.

In 2012, a settlement was reached between the United States Department of Justice, Full Tilt Poker, and PokerStars. As part of the settlement, Full Tilt Poker forfeited assets to the Department of Justice and these assets were purchased by PokerStars. PokerStars paid $547 to the Department of Justice and $184 million to Full Tilt Poker players outside the United States.

Howard Lederer personally settled with the United States Department of Justice in late 2012. He admitted to wrongdoing and forfeited assets worth over $2.5 million.