Casino free spins

Both casinos and game developers are fond of handing out free spins, and casino guests are fond of receiving them. Free spins is a great way of welcoming new members, rewarding existing members, bring attention to new game releases, celebrate major holidays, bolster the prize pot for casino contests, and more. Below, you will find a few of our best tips for anyone who wants to collect as many casino free spins as possible.

free spins

Read newsletters

Many casinos have a newsletter. It might be tempting to just let it go to the spam folder, but opening and reading the newsletter as soon as it arrives is actually a good idea if you’re hunting for free spins. Free spins giveaways and other ways to get casino free spins are often revealed in casino newsletters. In some cases, free spins are handed out on a first-come first-served basis until the allotted amount of free spins have been given away, and this is way it’s a good idea to read the newsletter as soon as it arrives. If you wait to long, all the free spins might already be gone when you sign-in.

Visit casino news sites

There are news sites that specializes in casino news online. Regularly checking this type of news sites can provide you with valuable information about opportunities to get free spins. Sometimes these news sites have access to information that aren’t published directly by the casino, e.g. free spins campaigns launched in cooperation with certain affiliates.

Google reader or a similar tool can be used to keep the casino news sites neatly organized for you. You shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time each day looking at casino news sites just to get your hands on some free spins.

Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc

Today, online casinos have many channels to get their message out. It can be profitable to follow your favorite online casinos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc or whatever other social media that you use. If the casino has a blog, add it to your blog reader.

Sometimes online casinos have special campaigns that only launch in social media and not on the casino site itself, e.g. a Facebook free spins campaign only available to those who follow the casino’s page on Facebook.

Celebrate the holidays

Many casinos will celebrate holidays such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Midsummer, etc. Exactly which holidays that are celebrated will depend largely on the player base. Online casinos with many Scandinavian players are more likely to celebrate midsummer, and so on. During these celebrations, free spins giveaways, raffles or contests where members can win free spins are common. In December, many casinos have an advent calender with a new offer everyday, and thise advent calenders tend to be very rich in free spins.

Celebrate casino mile stones

Some casinos are great when it comes to celebrating milestones, regardless of whether its the casino’s 1st birthday party or the company’s 50th year jubilee. Make sure that you’re there participating in the festivities, because casinos that celebrate their own milestones tend to be generous with the free spins.

New game launches

When a new game is launched, the game developer want it to become an instant hit. Big game developers like NetEnt and Microgaming tend to have a few big game releases each year that they celebrate with major campaigns. Free spins, bonus offers, contests – the works. This is especially common for so called branded slots. Keep an eye on new games that are about to be released and make sure that your ready to take advantage of any free spins offers.