Become a better poker player

poker failEvery poker player knows the feeling, the feeling you get when you realize that you made a terrible call och even worse, a terrible fold. You feel equal parts frustration, anger and desperation. A feeling that can have negative effects on your game and that, if you are unlucky, can make you tilt completely. Tilting is as we all know great when it happens to others and horrible when it happens to you.

On this site we are going to focus on such bad plays and show that it doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or Phil Ivey. We all make very stupid calls at times and there is comfort to be had when you see the best players in the world making similar mistakes to the ones you are making.

All Players make mistakes. What separates good poker players from bad is how many mistakes they make and how they handle their mistakes. Your goal should therefore be to learn from your mistakes and try to minimize how many mistakes you make. An important part of this is to accept that mistakes happens and that you should not get angry or upset when they do. It is harder to learn from your mistakes if you get to emotional. You should instead try to stay emotional detached from the game. By staying calm you can analyze the hands better and learn more from them. By staying calm you also eliminate the risk of compounding the damage by making more mistakes while upset.

Many players find it very hard to stay calm and discipline. It is however one of the most important lesson that any player can learn. It is hard to become a truly successful player without mastering ones emotion. This does however not mean that you need to have a calm table appearance. It can be good to seem emotional while in reality maintaining calm and staying clear minded.

We hope that the mistakes that you will see poker professionals do on this web page will help you feel better about your mistakes and make it easier to stay calm at the tables. The information and the examples can also be related to other kinds of casino games where you can make bad calls and waste more money then you should.

Below you will find some additional tips that can help you further improve your composure and that have helped us to become better more detached poker players.

  • Never think of your chips as money. Until you leave the table they are merely chips, points to keep track on your progress. Not money. By not thinking of the chips as money you will get less emotionally upset when you make a mistake and it become easier to stay calm.
  • Never sit down at a table when you are angry, frustrated or otherwise emotional.
  • Never play drunk
  • Never play while on drugs.
  • Never think about how much money your lost. Never count your chips while sitting at the table. This can wait until you stop playing. If you don’t you might start chasing your losses. Something that can be very dangerous.
  • Never chase your loses.
  • Never play poker at all if you know you easily become angry or emotional.
  • Only play when you have time to play slowely and disciplined.
  • Never play if you can’t afford the stakes. Use a free bonus online in a casino if you want to play without risking losses that you can’t afford.

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warningAnother universal truth about poker and any other gambling is that you should only play if you feel that you have control over your gambling. If you find that you start to gamble (taking big risks) while playing poker you should consider stopping. The same is true if you find yourself unable to stay away from the poker tables, if you play at tables you normally wouldn’t play at or if you find yourself breaking your own rules about how and when you should play. All this can be signs of gambling addiction. Gambling addiction is a very serious problem that can have serious negative effect on your life and the life of those around you. It is easier to break the addiction if you know the signs and are aware of the risk. That way you can break the behavior early. If you have a tendency for gambling addiction it is better not to gamble at all. We recommend that all poker players read more about the signs of gambling addiction here and that you contact someone who can help if you suspect that you might have a problem. Having someone with experience to talk to can help tremendously towards avoiding or breaking an addiction.